We are a professional pregnancy ultrasound clinic offering expectant parents the memorable and exciting opportunity to see your baby using amazing cutting edge technology. Unlike the rushed scans offered in the impersonal hospital environment Baby ultrasound clinic offer personalised scans with enough time for you to experience your scan and start the bonding experience with your baby. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission and maintain high standards to ensure you have the best possible experience with us. Our scanning rooms allow enough seating for up to 4 guests so extended family and kids are more than welcome to meet your unborn baby. Our clinical staff undergo rigid training as the wellbeing of your baby is the main purpose of our scans this is why a wellbeing check is carried out with each scan

We have a range of packages available from pregnancy confirmation scans, gender scans from 14 weeks right through to our most comprehensive 4D packages providing DVD’s, colour prints, Key rings & Fridge Magnets. Our scans are performed by qualified Sonographers. A £30 deposit is required upon booking your appointment. Please note should you fail to attend and reschedule your appointment the deposit will become non-refundable.

These scans do not replace routine hospital scans. Please bring with you your medical notes so in the rare circumstance something is picked up your doctor or midwife can be contacted.

The position of your baby can on occasions be such that gender determination and 3D/4D imagery are difficult to achieve. On these occasions, the sonographer may ask you to take a gentle stroll to encourage movement of your baby before recommencing your scan. In the unlikely event that your baby is still in the wrong position, you will be offered a complimentary re-scan visit on an alternate date. Terms and conditions apply.

On the extremely rare occasion that we are unable to obtain the desired images after your complimentary re-scan, the sonographer will provide a professional opinion as to whether the desired result would be achievable through further scanning. We trust at such time that you will appreciate we will have made every effort to achieve the desired result (notwithstanding issues beyond our control), and as such, any further elected scan would be chargeable.

We actively seek and encourage our customers to give us feedback based on the experience you have had with us, due to this after your scan you may be contacted in regards to your feedback. If you would like to speak to some one in relation to this please contact us now on 0333 444 0174.